About Us

The European Network of People of African descent (ENPAD) is a coalition of Black civil society organizations in Europe working on representation of the interests of People of African descent (PAD), African People and Black Europeans, promoting Black consciousness, countering anti-Black racism against vPeople of African descent, supporting networking of Black people, their projects and organizations as well as working towards political empowerment of People of African descent . ENPAD is the result of the 1st and 2nd Network Meeting for People of African Descent and Black Europeans, which were held in Berlin in February and November 2014.

While Black people belong to one of the most vulnerable groups in European societies, especially affected by hate crime, hate speech and everyday racism (structural racism), they are not represented among the groups that gain special attention to tackle racism in most European countries. Even though the situations differ in each national context the awareness regarding anti-Black racism is not present in most European countries. Other marginalized groups have through the work of their advocacy groups managed to gain the needed attention from policymakers to tackle racism affecting these groups.

In summary, there is a lack of awareness for anti-Black racism (racism affecting people of African Descent), which leads to a lack of measures against this form of racism. Two core goals of the European Network of People of African Descent are fighting anti-Black racism and the political empowerment of Black people in Europe.