Current Work

While Blackfacing is one topic that has generated quite a lot of media attention and is a working topic of the network, ENPAD has also been working on Racial Profiling & Police Brutality (#BlackLivesMatter) and the Decade for People of African Descent and Education. ENPAD is aiming to connect the dots, not cutting anything off but picking the campaigns on the ground up.

On Racial Profiling we have started reaching out to the different groups in the Network and beyond regarding collecting cases of police brutality and racial profiling within Europe affecting Black communities.The aim is to build an archive of cases of police brutality that groups have been engaging on. So far we were able to collect cases in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Belgium. The Network Meeting would serve for us to look at how to join forces and  to implement an European wide awareness campaign. In the Netherlands and Germany the groups in the Network have successfully been working with Amnesty International on their Racial Profiling Strategy.  Forming further alliances could be one way of ensuring a wide spread engagement.

The International Decade for People of African Descent has entered its third year in 2017. Hence, the Advocacy group of ENPAD has worked on a monitoring mechanism to measure the progress of the Decade in different European countries. Member organisations rate their state’s performance in regards to the Decade. We called this mechanism the Scorecard. This process will enable the advocacy group to establish a regular European Report of the International Decade for People of African Descent.

This scorecard has been developed, reviewed and has been sent out in January 2017 asking members to answer questions on the progress of the Decade in their countries. We expect to have all the answers by March 2017 and then compile our first report, around the action we plan to reach out to different media to highlight the report.