Day of Action

In remembrance of the assassination of Malcom X 50 years ago, ENPAD announced the Day of Action, taking place all over Europe:

The Day of Action was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; London, the UK; Berlin, Germany; Lisbon, Portugal highlighting racial profiling, police violence and blackfacing in Europe.


Amsterdam: (video)
Kick-off Anti-Black Pete 2015 with Zwarte Piet Niet & Zwarte Piet is Racisme

London: (video)
Stop the violation, killing & systematic destruction of people of African Descent with STOP

Berlin: (video)
Colonial history on Berlin & Racial profiling/Police violence in Germany with ISD Bund e.V. Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland ISD Berlin – Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland

Police violence against Black Youths in Portugal with Plataforma Gueto